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    Drag Match : Pair Up the Before and After Looks

    Издательство: Laurence King
    650 грн
    Drag Match : Pair Up the Before and After Looks / Автор: Greg Bailey, Gerrard Gethings, Издательство: Laurence King, Серия: , Страниц: 50, Переплет: , ISBN: 9781786279521
    ISBN: 9781786279521
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    Аннотация к книге "Drag Match : Pair Up the Before and After Looks"

    Best-selling: A new product from best-selling photographer Gerrard Gethings, (Do You Look Like Your Dog, 2018)and best-selling author Greg Bailey, (Alright Darling, 2018)
    Spot the similarities between the people and their drag personas - can you match the day-to-day faces with their fabulous constructed characters?
    Celebrates the incredible transformation of drag with striking before/after photographs, and celebrating inclusion within the Drag community
    Boxed Gift featuring 25 artists in before and after looks across 50 cards, packaged within a stylish foiled box
    Includes a booklet with text about each artist. Some currently featured in Ru-Paul's Drag Race.

    Courtney Act
    Joe Black
    Lawrence Chaney
    Crystal (UK Drag Race season 1 contestant)
    Minerael Waters
    Cybil War
    Baby Lame
    Freida Slaves
    Lick Von Dyke
    Miss Jake
    Mocha Drag Queen
    Daisy Puller
    Tete Bang
    Vanity Milan
    Luke Skyla
    Kyran Thrax
    Sigi Moonlight
    Taste My Caramelle
    Prinx Silver

    Pair up the queens and kings with their out-of-drag looks in this fabulous new card game.
    It is much harder than you think, as the transformation is so complete! 50 cards depict stunning before and after photos of the glamorous drag transformation, and texts by Greg Bailey of Alright Darling are included in the accompanying booklet to give an insight into the incredible character creations and the people behind the make-up.
    Play as a memory game with the cards face down for an added level of difficulty. Collect the most pairs to win! This is the perfect gift for fans of Drag Race.

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