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    Garcon Style: New York, London, Milano, Paris : New York, London, Milano, Paris

    Издательство: Laurence King
    1200 грн
    Garcon Style: New York, London, Milano, Paris : New York, London, Milano, Paris / Автор: Jonathan Daniel Pryce, Издательство: Laurence King, Серия: , Страниц: 240, Переплет: Paperback, ISBN: 9781786274960
    Артикул: 9781786274960
    ISBN: 9781786274960
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    Доставка: 1-2 дня

    Аннотация к книге "Garcon Style: New York, London, Milano, Paris : New York, London, Milano, Paris"

    'This book is fantastic! Jonathan Daniel Pryce has raised the bar for international street style photography.' - Sir Paul Smith Delve into New York, London, Milan and Paris with close to 300 street-style images by the award-winning photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce. From impeccable tailoring to vintage finds, these evocative images capture the myriad ways men in the fashion capitals express themselves sartorially. Featuring a foreword by Paul Smith and interviews with a selection of each city's most stylish men, Garcon Style is a stunning showcase of menswear today. Praise for Jonathan Daniel Pryce 'There is energy in Jonathan's work. He understands how to capture the zeitgeist without making a big fuss about it. Jonathan is a great photographer.' - Dylan Jones, Editor, British GQ 'Jonathan has managed to create a unique form of photography that melds something lyrical with something journalist, blurring the line between reportage and poetry' - Nick Wooster, Creative Consultant 'Jonathan manages to capture those impossible moments where easy candour and the perfect light source seem to meet. His images have a stillness I find really beautiful.' - Jo Ellison, Fashion Editor, Financial Times 'Jonathan's subjects are refreshingly varied; his pictures give you much more than cues on who's wearing what this week.' - Nick Sullivan, Fashion Director, Esquire

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