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    Pin-Ups. Gil Elvgren. Poster Set

    Издательство: Taschen
    900 грн
    Pin-Ups. Gil Elvgren. Poster Set / Автор: TASCHEN, Издательство: Taschen, Серия: , Страниц: 32, Переплет: Loose-leaf, ISBN: 9783836552660
    Артикул: 9783836552660
    ISBN: 9783836552660
    Доступность: В наличии
    Доставка: 1-2 дня

    Аннотация к книге "Pin-Ups. Gil Elvgren. Poster Set"

    This inspiring print set offers sixteen designs to transform a blank wall into a personalized display. Each set of sixteen images has been specially selected from the TASCHEN collection as the most loved, and most interesting, examples of Elvgren's Pin-Ups. The prints are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and are suitable either for framing or as a poster.Included artworks:

    Untitled, c. 1972

    Lucky Dog (Dog Gone Robber), 1958

    Ticklish Situation, 1957

    He Thinks I'm Too Good to Be True (She sits home every night, just waiting there for you. She's perfect... yes, but possibly she's too good to be true), 1947

    Come and Get It, 1959

    Fire Belle (Always Ready), 1956

    Sheer Comfort, 1959

    Curving Around (Sharp Curves), 1960

    The Winner! (A Fair Catch), 1957

    Well Built (R-R-Roof!), 1961

    Charmaine, 1957

    Surprising Catch, 1952

    Anchors A-Wow, 1964

    Bear Facts (A Modest Look; Bearback Rider), 1962

    Roxanne, 1960

    Gay Nymph, 1946

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