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    Книга Egypt. People, Gods, Pharaohs

    Издательство: Taschen
    1700 грн
    Think you know Ancient Egypt? Think again. Like a piece of published excavation, this fresh volume explores the many layers of this mythologized civilization, digging down from the sacred and grandiose to the daily experiences and ordinary individuals of the age. Hardcover, 23.8 x 31.6 cm, 2.05 kg, 296 pages
    Артикул: 9783836520546
    ISBN: 9783836520546
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    Аннотация к книге "Egypt. People, Gods, Pharaohs"

    Behind the Pyramids

    Everyday life in Ancient Egypt

    How much do we really know about Ancient Egypt? The pharaohs and pyramids are familiar history fodder, but what about the farmers, the soldiers, the laborers, and the families that made up the vast majority of this much mythologized civilization?
    With a thrilling spread of visual references, this TASCHEN adventure attempts to set the record straight by offering a distinctive everyday take on Ancient Egypt. Like a piece of published excavation, the book explores the many layers of this ancient society, digging down from the sacred or grandiose to the daily experiences and ordinary individuals.
    The democratic approach bestows this distant era with exciting vitality and relevance for all the family. As we explore everything from family arrangements to leisure activities to labor movements, we not only uncover the different experiences of this ancient land but also parallels and precedents to our own societies. The result is a particularly vivid encounter with an ancient age and with some of our most ingenious and influential forebears.

    The author

    Rose-Marie Hagen was born in Switzerland and studied history, Romance languages, and literature in Lausanne. After further studies in Paris and Florence, she lectured at the American University in Washington, D.C.
    Rainer Hagen was born in Hamburg and graduated in literature and theater studies in Munich. He later worked for radio and TV, most recently as chief editor of a German public broadcasting service. Together they have collaborated on several TASCHEN titles, including Masterpieces in Detail, Pieter Bruegel, and Francisco de Goya.

    Egypt. People, Gods, Pharaohs

    Hardcover, 23.8 x 31.6 cm, 2.05 kg, 296 pages

    ISBN 978-3-8365-2051-5

    Edition: German

    ISBN 978-3-8365-2052-2

    Edition: Spanish

    ISBN 978-3-8365-2053-9

    Edition: French

    ISBN 978-3-8365-2054-6

    Edition: English

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