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    Книга The Star Wars Archives. 1999–2005. 40th Ed.

    1370 грн
    The Star Wars Archives. 1999–2005. 40th Ed. / Автор: Paul Duncan, Видавництво: Taschen, Серія: 40th Edition Series, Сторінок: 512, Обкладинка: Тверда обкладинка, ISBN: 9783836593274

    Книга The James Bond Archives. “No Time To Die” Edition

    4100 грн
    The ultimate companion to all things 007, covering the making of every movie in the James Bond franchise, from Dr. No to the 25th film, No Time To Die. With more than 1,000 images and an oral history featuring 150 cast and crew members, this updated edition will delight fans of the most successful film franchise in cinema history. View Rating and Reviews Hardcover, 33.7 x 24.6 cm (13.3 x 9.7 in.), 648 pages, English edition with German, French, and Spanish translation as download